Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Interviews With The Inappropriate: A Blog Hop

So, Michelle from Juicebox Confession, liked my Getting To Know You Tuesday questions on my Facebook Page (#gtkytcimp) and took it a step further! She solicited 3 questions from several bloggers and put together our first ever Blog Hop! Settle in, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to hop around the internet for a while. The links to all the participants are at the bottom of the page! 

 1. What made you start blogging?
 A. I'm horrible at journaling so I thought this would be easier for me to update. 

 2. What is the meaning behind the name of your blog? 
A. Every single time I opened my purse there was at least one toy car in it. My then toddlers decided that my purse made the perfect toy caddy. 

 3. Blogging is a great, quick way for a writer to reach an audience; how has blogging affected your daily life and do you get nervous when posting your thoughts for the interwebs to judge? 
A. Because I am a terrible blogger, it hasn't really affected daily life. My thoughts are my own and I'm fully aware that not everyone shares my same opinions. I'm cool with that. 

 4. How does your partner/others in your life feel about blogging? Do they find it invasive or do they fully support the blog effort?
 A. As long as I'm not sharing too much, everyone is ok with it. I even sent the link to Starting Over All Over Again to the man I wrote it about. He loved it. 

 5. What are your limits on your blog....? (What don't you talk about, who don't you name, ect) 
A. No cussing. I don't use anyone's name except my kids' names. 

 6. What is the most inappropriate/awful/shittycrappy thing you ever blogged about, and did it you actually post it to your blog? 
A. Lying is probably the worst one. It never made it to the blog. 

 7. How do you feel, as a writer, about the digitization of books? Do you prefer your Kindle or an old fashion paperback?
 A. My phone is my everything,even my Kindle. I believe we should have books in the event that technology ever goes away. We have over 400 books in my house. 

 8. What 3 things are you reading online (blogs/websites, e-magazines, or social media) do you follow or always read when you see new content, even when you’re busy? 
A. Matt Walsh's blog. He is awesome! I read all kinds of things. I am a self-proclaimed information junkie.

9. What song/singer/band is on your iPod that would surprise people the most?
A. Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, The Specials & Bob Marley. I had a love affair with Punk, Ska & Reggae. We still see each other on occasion. 

 10. Who is your biggest celebrity crush? 
A. Matthew McConoughey: He could read the phone book to me and I would hang on every word. Taye Diggs: He could just smile at me while Matthew is reading the phone book... 

 11. What is your guilty pleasure? 
A. Anything Disney. Disney World, old Disney movies, new Disney movies, and yes, even the Disney channel. 

 12. If you could offer a baby only one piece of advice (kind of like the fairies in Sleeping Beauty), what would it be? 
A. Do not be in a hurry to grow up. You only get a small portion of your life to be a child. The rest is not as glamorous as you would think it is. 

 13. Has your biggest fear ever come true?
A. No, and I thank God every day that it hasn't. 

 14. When something awesome happens to you, who do you call first? 
A. It depends on what it is! Sometimes it's my mom, sometimes it's my best friend, sometimes it's whoever it will interest or pertains to. 

 15. What is your passion and do you do it for a living? If not, why not? 
A. My passion is creating really good food to feed people. I took the first step and I'm selling my baked goods. The end goal is a restaurant that people will come back to over and over. 

 16. Give us your worst/funniest/silliest/most interesting SELFIE picture.

17. What is your favorite childhood movie?
 A. The Fox and The Hound 

 18. If you could be any kind of animal, what would you be and why? 
A. A Tiger. I have always identified with the cats, big and small. 

 19. What's your favorite adult beverage? 
A. Margaritas 

 20. How many drinks does it take before you get drunk and what is your bad drunken habit (think: tequila makes her clothes fall off....)? 
A. 3 Margaritas would be enough to make me drunk. I usually stop at 2 though so I don't develop any drunken habits. 

 21. If you had to appear on the popular Gameshow, "Baggage" as a contestant,  what would your 3 pieces of baggage be? 
A. I procrastinate, I have 3 boys, I am fiercely independent 

 22. Do you hover over the toilet in public bathrooms? 
A. No, I clean them. 

 23. What's the strangest talent you have? 
A. I can fold my fingers over each other from one side of my hand to the other. 

 24. If the zombie apocalypse were to happen, how long would you survive and why? 
A. I don't believe anything like this would actually happen but, I would survive as long as my kids were still alive. After that, it really would depend on if God wanted me to still be here. 

 25. What are 3 things you think people usually assume incorrectly, misunderstand or don't "get" about you either in real life, or as a result of your blog? 
A. In real life, people have accused me of being manipulative and a liar. I am neither of the two. As a result of the blog, I'm not aware of any misconceptions. 

 26. Last question, at the end of the day…what will have made your life a success?
 A. If I raise healthy, happy, self-sufficient, God-fearing, loving men to send out into the world, I will consider that to be my greatest success.

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